The future of Plant Care is here

Dodola will recognize your plant, set and execute watering plans, detect any disease, provide advice, and serve as a 24/7 plant-sitter for all you Plant parents out there.

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HighRes Camera

Recognizes the plant, checks the light levels, detects diseases


Water tank

Different sizes for different pots.


Real-time tracking

Humidity, temperature and PH level sensors


Zero carbon footprint

Made of recycled plastic, powered by solar panels.


Connect the device

Dodola connects with the mobile app, recognizes the plant, checks lighting, humidity, and PH levels, and sets and executes customized watering plans for your plant.

Manage your plant

With Dodola mobile app, you can track and manage your devices and plant conditions wherever you are. It even sends a selfie when you are on vacation.

Save the planet

Dodola is made of 100% recycled plastic, and powered by solar panels, reducing plastic waste, as well as carbon footprint… while the plant generates O2!


Dodola is equipped with a number of sensors to monitor the plant, an IoT processor to communicate with Dodola mobile application, and uses AI to provide the best possible assistance in plant care

Plant recognition

A high-resolution camera recognizes any plant, its age, and its condition to set up its watering schedule.

Light meter

How much light is enough, or too much will never be a question again. Dodola measures it and provides advice.

Disease/pest detection

Any anomaly in the plant is detected, examined, and in case of disease/pests, a correct therapy is suggested.

Humidity sensor

Precise real-time soil humidity is measured to adjust watering. It provides custom care for each plant.


Soil temperature affects the rate of nutrient release, as well as root absorption, translocation, and utilization in plants.

pH sensor

Soil pH determines how available certain nutrients are to the plant. Each plant requires different pH.

Custom watering

Based on the data collected from the sensors, Dodola adjusts watering in real-time, providing the best solutions.

Dodola management app

The Mobile app provides all the data relevant to the devices and plants, provides advice, and lets users manage the plant remotely.

Plant Parent network

An integrated “social network” connects plant parents and lets them exchange love for their plants, advice, and best practices.


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